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My life with tinnitus is better than it has been because when I first found out I had tinnitus, it was really hard to cope with it. I have had tinnitus since I was eight and to start with I couldn’t find something to take my mind off it. 

The hardest thing about my tinnitus is having the sound in my ear all the time and not knowing when I will hear it.

It mostly sounds like a high pitched ringing. 

With my tinnitus, I feel like I have now learned to cope with it as I have found different methods to distract myself. Fiddling with something has helped me the most, but I have also tried relaxation and my white noise generators also help, but I had had tinnitus for quite a while before I got these.

When it comes to sleeping I find it really hard because of the noise in my ears.

I tried lots of things such as relaxation, CD’s and reading but I found that listening to a CD while I try to get to sleep helps. I listen to talking books or relaxing music or sounds.

Tinnitus and school  

Lots of people that I have told about my tinnitus have been supportive of me and have tried to help me.

Sometimes at school, it gets annoying because I can’t always hear where a voice is coming from if it is really noisy. I feel like I have missed out on certain lessons because my tinnitus has given me a headache and I need to leave class and I need to catch up later.

Awareness is needed

I think that people need to be more aware of how tinnitus can affect children as well as how it can impact their learning because I know that it has affected mine.

If I gave advice to other children that have it as well, it is that you’re not the alone. By that I mean you are not the only child in the world with it even if you feel like you are.

I felt like I was until I was put in contact, through the British Tinnitus Association, with another girl that is around my age.


Tinnitus Week runs from 5-11 February 2018 aiming to get the nation talking about tinnitus and highlight the stories of those living with it. This year’s focus is children and young people. For more information please visit the British Tinnitus Association’s website www.tinnitus.org.uk. You can also follow the hashtag #TinnitusWeek on social media. To download the new BTA resources designed for parents and teachers to understand more about tinnitus and to support children with the condition visit: www.tinnitus.org.uk/Pages/Category/tinnitus-in-children

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