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My tinnitus has not deteriorated over the years and now comes and goes. When I am tired or stressed it can be at its worst. Sudden loud noises can set off a whine, which will eventually fade away. Occasionally I hear a sound like gushing water.

Alas, my hearing has deteriorated and I now wear two hearing aids. I don’t attend concerts anymore and I avoid noisy gatherings where the volume is likely to be unbearable.

I still play the guitar for my own amusement, enjoy reading and writing poetry and spend as much time as possible outdoors with my family in good weather.

I’ve become used to my tinnitus and don’t normally hear it unless I think about it. The trick is to keep busy with whatever you enjoy doing in an environment that isn’t going to harm your hearing.

Gordon’s poem is from his new collection  ‘The Book Club for Bitter Hearts & Other Poems’, available from Gordon Wright, 25 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 2NQ. for £6.00 incl. P+P.

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