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We launched our Tinnitus Manifesto during Tinnitus Week (3-9 February). It sets out three steps the Government must take to give people with tinnitus hope for a cure. We need your help to get this message to them.

Write a letter to your MP, telling them why increased funding in tinnitus research is vital. Here are some points to include in the letter but be sure to tell your own story too.

  • I am writing to you to bring tinnitus and my story to your attention.
  • One in eight people in the UK have tinnitus.
  • Funding is urgently needed to help find a cure for this condition, because tinnitus can seriously impact people’s lives. It can lead to many mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and, sadly, suicide.
  • The stark situation places huge strain on the health service, with tinnitus treatment costing the NHS £750m per year and the cost to wider society estimated at £2.6 billion per year.
  • Despite this, tinnitus currently receives 40 times less funding than comparable conditions like depression, anxiety and hearing loss.
  • People with tinnitus urgently need the Government to commit more funding to tinnitus research to give people with tinnitus hope for a cure.
  • A number of MPs have already called for the Government to take action and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has agreed to consider it.
  • Because tinnitus affects people in different ways, I wanted to share my story with you in the hope that, as my MP, you will join the call to get tinnitus research higher up the political agenda.

Find out who your MP is, their constituency address and email address

Thank you for your help with getting our voice heard.

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