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Webinar: Assessment & management for tinnitus in adults

Tinnitus is often made worse by worrying about its cause. 

This webinar aims to improve your understanding of tinnitus and what influences it. Delivered by Mr Tony Kay, an audiologist with a specialist interest in tinnitus and current President of the BTA, we hope that the session will help you to worry less about its cause and to help this along he will share some tips on how to manage it better.

Download some of the questions asked during the live version of the webinar:


Webinar: Getting the most out of your GP consultation 

This webinar covers: 

  • When to see your GP
  • Selecting your GP
  • What to expect when you see your GP
  • What happens after the assessment 

The live Q & A from the session is also included within the recording. 


The Evolution of Tinnitus Research: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

For this webinar, the BTA were joined by Tinnitus Hub, the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) and RNID.

Each organisation provided an update on current and future tinnitus research projects they are involved in as well as answering questions from the public during our live Q & A. 



Download the presentations from the session in the order delivered: 


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We hope you found these free webinars beneficial and will provide you with the information you need in the future. As a charity, we receive no direct government funding, so the support we provide can only be offered with the generosity of our fundraisers and donors. If you would like to donate towards our work in tinnitus support and research, click below: 


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