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About Audiological Science

Audiological Science is an independent tinnitus clinic with two London locations. In practice since 1998, they state they use personalised therapy programs to suit each patient’s tinnitus requirements. Their Harley Street Clinic is fully integrated within the London Neuro-otology Centre, a Centre for Audiological Medicine, which they state offers diagnostic/treatment pathways for tinnitus caused, or made worse, by medical/psychological conditions.

Tinnitus patients are seen by a Doctor of Audiology and, in addition to their private services, are commissioned by the NHS to provide a full range of audiological services to patients requiring hearing care, tinnitus therapy and ear wax removal, according to stringent NHS standards.

Why Audiological Science are supporting the BTA

“Our relationship with the BTA started when they provided valuable Tinnitus Support Group training for our audiologists. Following the principles set out by the BTA, and with their help, we set up the London Tinnitus Support Group in 2014. The group is run by volunteers, is well attended, and continues to help support people living with tinnitus. Support Groups are very effective and we are behind the BTA in their drive to bring more of these groups to the tinnitus community, nationally and internationally.”

Summary of services

  • Full tinnitus assessment and management
  • In-house medical diagnosis/treatment of tinnitus
  • Clinical psychology (via in-house integrated London Neuro-otology Centre)
  • Ear wax removal
  • Sound therapy
  • Hearing aids including combination devices
  • Tinnitus counselling and CBT
  • Relaxation therapy and mindfulness
  • Tinnitus retraining therapy
  • Tinnitus support group
  • Ear and hearing protection
  • Paediatric audiology

Corporate member since


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Disclaimer: Accepting an organisation as a Corporate Member of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) does not imply endorsement of the organisation, their products and services by the BTA.

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