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Ive been using topical minoxidil for 3-4 months and theres no results . but ive noticed facial bloating , slight wrinkles on forehead, and bad eyebags. Considering im only 19 this is a big thing for me and im thinking of quitting minoxidil since my doctor just prescribed me Dutasteride and ive been on it for 6 days. she also offered oral minoxidil too. But i rejected the oral minoxidil because of the side effects . Do you guys think Dutasteride itself will be okay for a diffuse thinner like me? As ive made up my mind that i dont even want to risk the minoxidil side effects and even the hassle of applying it twice a day and making my hair look like complete poo poo. Let me know your advise or experiences from minoxidil!

life is full of choices and each choice has an up and down side. You have to navigate these variables and weight it against the value you get from one vs the other

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