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WARNING: Please be aware that we have used simulated sounds of tinnitus in this film, to help to raise awareness of this hidden condition. Please adjust your volume if hearing these sounds may impact your tinnitus.

We know how important it is to raise awareness of tinnitus – both with the general public and with people who experience it, but may not know that support is available. This can help others to understand a condition that is not commonly talked about and is much-misunderstood.

Tinnitus is a hidden condition and, by sharing simulated sounds, we can help to make it more ‘visible’ and show the impact that it can have on everyday life. We can also reassure those that may think they’re facing tinnitus alone, that we’re here to help.

If you need to talk to someone about tinnitus, please do contact our Tinnitus Support Team. We are here to help.

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