Covid-19 guidance for people with tinnitus

You are not alone with your tinnitus

Whether you’re experiencing tinnitus for the first time or the current challenges are making it worse, we’re here to help.

In these uncertain times we know that many people with tinnitus are struggling more than usual. So we want to reassure you that you’re not on your own and that we’re here to support you in a number of ways.

Person with tinnitusNew to tinnitus?

Are you experiencing ringing, buzzing or humming in your head or ear for the first time, and are not quite sure what it is or what to do about it?

If so we’d love to help you to understand more about it and direct you to the many channels of support we have available.

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Woman with tinnitusExperiencing a spike in your tinnitus?

Have you experienced tinnitus for quite some time but have found that the stress of the current coronavirus situation or the enforced isolation of social distancing are making your condition worse?

Again, we’d love to let you know about more of the support we have available.

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