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About Peter Byrom Audiology Ltd

Peter Byrom was previously the clinical lead for Tinnitus Services at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. He now works exclusively at Peter Byrom Audiology Ltd, from Thornbury Hospital, Sheffield.

He undertook an MSc in Advanced Practice at the University of Leeds in which he looked at hearing aids, mild hearing loss and tinnitus. His interest comes from a personal experience of tinnitus and hearing loss. Peter has been a hearing aid user for many years.

Why Peter Byrom supports the BTA

“I have been involved with the British Tinnitus Association for many years, having previously served a full term on the Professional Advisory Committee. It is an excellent charity which provides untold help to thousands of people every year in a field which I am passionate about.”

Summary of services

  • Assessment and treatment of tinnitus
  • Hearing aids
  • Combination devices
  • Sound enrichment
  • Relaxation

Although Peter does not provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (as he is not a psychologist) he has had training in this area and is aware of the techniques used.

You can find out more and book an appointment online on Peter’s website through the above link.

Corporate member since


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Disclaimer: Accepting an organisation as a Corporate Member of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) does not imply endorsement of the organisation, their products and services by the BTA.

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