Sharing experiences of tinnitus and covid-19

These personal stories of tinnitus and Covid-19 have kindly been shared with us by some of our amazing supporters. If you have a tinnitus and Covid-19 story that you would like to share with others, please get in touch.

Henrietta’s story

“My world had gone quiet, my normal everyday routine to maintain the elusive balance had stopped. I had to acquire new routines to keep the sounds at bay. It was tough but I finally managed it”. 

Read Henrietta’s full story.

Rebecca’s story

“I have been so worried about the Covid-19 virus, my stress levels have been so high. On the days I am at work the tinnitus isn’t as noticeable. But then where I work in a laboratory that processes the Covid swabs, there doesn’t seem to be any escape from it and I find that makes my stress levels go through the roof.”

Read Rebecca’s full story.

Aisling’s story

“It wasn’t until I had taken part in the BTA Conference in October that finally I realised I wasn’t alone. This was a common side effect for those who already had tinnitus and then contracted Covid. It was a massive relief for me knowing that I wasn’t alone.”

Read Aisling’s full story.

Sarah’s story

“Sure, as a tinnitus sufferer, I am tired and frustrated, but my condition has given me a unique set of skills that I can call upon in these trying times. So remember, call upon your training!”

Read Sarah’s full story.

If your tinnitus has spiked since the pandemic began, if you are new to tinnitus, or if you just have some questions about tinnitus and Covid-19, we are here to help. Get in touch with our Tinnitus Support Team.

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