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The coronavirus crisis is a big challenge for people struggling to cope with tinnitus.

Coronavirus is impacting all of our lives, and for many people with tinnitus, the current pandemic is particularly tough.

We’ve seen a surge in the number of people accessing our services, with a 256% increase in the number of web chats from May to December 2020 compared with the same period in 2019. Calls to our helpline rose by 16% during the same period.

It has been a time like no other.

Thousands of cancelled and postponed medical appointments. Stress and anxiety caused by isolation, being away from friends and family, and ongoing lockdown restrictions.

All of this can have a significant effect on the intensity of tinnitus. During this crisis, we have heard from so many people who are struggling.

We quickly adapted our services to ensure that those who need us are supported during these uncertain times.

We need your support to be there for everyone who needs us.

Our Tinnitus Support Team has continued to support people from home, we’ve shifted our support groups online, and we hold virtual support events.

I have learnt a lot of coping tools. Attending the online support group, I felt a real sense of community and I felt positive as this is the first time I have felt empathy rather than sympathy when speaking about my tinnitus

We cannot continue to offer services like this without support.

Please help us to help people living with tinnitus through this difficult time

Thank you

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