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We know that many people with tinnitus feel alone and that tinnitus is all-consuming. Joy told us,

The incessant noise was all I could focus on and, despite having a lovely husband, daughter and two grandchildren, I couldn’t distract myself away from the sound and it began to take over my life.

Some people are reluctant to open up for fear of worrying their loved ones or being told “stop going on about tinnitus again”. We also know that friends and family of people with tinnitus want to help and be supportive, but wonder how best to do this.

Here are our top tips – but remember, tinnitus affects both parties in a relationship. Our tips are for both of you!

Top tips

Knowledge is powerful. Find out as much as you can about tinnitus, from reputable sources.

Avoid saying “can’t you just…” but instead try to encourage an open minded look at behaviours and management techniques and develop your own strategies

Try to be patient and understanding. Living with tinnitus – or living with a person with tinnitus – can be tough at times

Practice kindness towards yourself and the other person


Listen to our first ever podcast, discussing tinnitus and relationships:

Relationships – BTA podcast

Other resources

We have more information about supporting someone with tinnitus, or download our leaflet:

Supporting someone with tinnitus Ver 2.0

Supporting someone with tinnitus Ver 2.0 LARGE PRINT

If you are supporting a child with tinnitus, we also have information for parents/carers and for teachers.

Updated 30 September 2021

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