How do I prevent it?

Tinnitus can’t always be prevented. There are many causes and reasons why people experience the condition. 
But here are a few examples of ways you can help protect yourself from tinnitus in certain situations:
Tinnitus can be caused by ear infections. If you use earplugs or hearing aids, make sure you keep them clean. Don’t put things in your ear, not even cotton buds as these can cause infections. Your ears clean themselves naturally, and if you are worried about a build-up of wax, talk to a GP, nurse or pharmacist. Hardened wax can be softened by using olive oil drops available from a pharmacy, once softened the wax may release itself. If not, you will be able to have it removed by a hearing healthcare provider.
Stress and anxiety
Tinnitus can sometimes start when you are anxious or stressed, so try and keep a healthy life balance. Do things you enjoy and de-stress every day by taking some time out for yourself. Stay fit, eat well and enjoy life.

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