Help support Tinnitus/Hyperacusis and Hearing Loss sufferers today!

I have suffered with Tinnitus hyperacusis and one ear hearing loss for 5 years and it seems to have got worse overtime. I hear mainly buzzing and whispering the volume does increase. I also hear heating system when switched off and music after I have listened to it etc…..I have found these conditions to be intrusive, i have also felt victimized by it and at times stressful to cope with like many other sufferers today. I found the BTA website very helpful with lots of information available to download support groups and forums and the helpline number as a good talking point in times of Stress. BTA is a Registered Charity and relies on the generosity of the general public for donations fundraising and volunteering. Support this UK Charity today and give hope peace of mind and a life back to a Tinnitus Sufferer like me and many more.

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