SOPRATTUTTO MONDELLIANI Adds 3 New Models To Its Coupe Light Collection

SOPRATTUTTO MONDELLIANI Coupe Light collection Fall 22

Inspired by the iconic and evergreen round, square, and cat-eye shapes the 3 new designs perfectly recall the gentle silhouettes that characterize the SOPRATTUTTO MONDELLIANI Coupe Light collection. The frames’ light transparent acetate and the collection’s iconic Fontana’s inspired “acetate cuts” allow light to pass through the structure revealing and enlightening the nuances of the bright colors, unexpected at first glance.

The 3 new models present a new stylistic touch to its temples and temple tips through the introduction of polygon art details that give geometry and a three-dimensional rendering to the whole frame.

The new designs the: CERCLE – CÔTÉ – PETIT CHAT available in 6 colors create a lightweight comfort for medium-small faces.

CERCLE: Inspired by the historical silver models of the late 19th century, the most essential geometric shape, the circle, takes a modern-colored twist.

Soprattutto Cercle
Soprattutto Cercle

CÔTÉ: A small squared frame with a timeless style and yet with a contemporary appeal thanks to the cuts in the upper and lower acetate of the frame.

Soprattutto CÔTÉ
Soprattutto CÔTÉ

PETIT CHAT: A small cat-eye model, perfect for a very delicate feminine look.

Soprattutto Chat
Soprattutto Chat

SOPRATTUTTO MONDELLIANI was born from the research for an aesthetic and chromatic balance, through shapes that aspire to a timeless style typical of iconic objects. Our original eyewear is entirely Made in Italy, manufactured in the Belluno Area, the Italian eyewear district, recognized worldwide as the center of excellence for eyewear production. We partner with the Italian leaders in frame production and their highly specialized staff. All our custom-made acetate sheets are produced by Mazzucchelli 1849, the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Cellulose Acetate.

THE CONCEPT – SOPRATTUTTO  in Italian above all, most importantly, first and foremost. Because we believe that glasses are one of the objects that speak most about us. They are the first thing you see when you look at someone’s face. Probably the first accessory you wear in the morning and the last you take off.

THE DESIGNERS – Federico Mondello, Creative Director of Mondelliani, eye style boutique for eyewear enthusiasts in the center of Rome, and Giovanni Botticelli, designer active in collectible design combine their passion for design, architecture, and their constant research for an aesthetic and chromatic balance. Bringing to life shapes that aspire to a timeless style typical of iconic objects.

Erkers 1879 Eyewear - The Optical Journal

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