2021 London Marathon dream team

The Virgin Money London Marathon was back in-person on Sunday 3 October this year after a long wait. As 35,871 runners took to the streets of London, 22,342 virtual runners completed their 26.2 miles in their local areas, including our wonderful team of fundraisers. Collectively, they have raised an incredible £16,023.65 so far. Although many have exceeded their fundraising goals, a few still need an extra push. Read how they got on in their challenges and if you can, please help them reach fundraising goals. 


“There was a real sense of community and support on the day – the crowds were amazing. And it meant so much to see my family and friends along the course cheering me on! I was delighted with my finish time of 4 hours 4 minutes, especially after having to take a couple of weeks out of training just before the event due to Covid.

Throughout my training and fundraising, I found that the cause really resonated with people – they either knew someone with tinnitus or had a personal experience.

I’m thrilled to have been able to raise awareness and over £7,400 for a cause close to my heart.”

Sponsor hugo


“I was amazed at how it went the day of the marathon. My only goal was to get through it, but I achieved a time I was proud of in the end too. What helped the most was having my dad, who’s about to turn 69, join me the whole way, it was great to have the company and helped keep the pessimistic thoughts at bay. My family were all there on the day to cheer us on and feed us jelly babies and they put on quite the show! My sister-in-law organised decorations, props, and lots of BTA materials to help spread the word about tinnitus to everyone interested. Plus, my brother joined us for some of the final kilometers to keep us going when speech failed us. It meant such a lot to be part of the incredible BTA marathon running team, there was great camaraderie throughout and a shared sense of purpose that helped drive us all with both fundraising and the event itself. I can’t believe how well we’ve all done, and I was incredibly proud to be part of such a dedicated team to help raise those vital funds for tinnitus services and research.”

Sponsor Colette


“Less than a week since the virtual London Marathon and it still seems a bit surreal that I finished the 26.2 mile challenge in less than 6 hours. Without the massive support of a London crowd cheering us on, running along the Caldon canal out of Stoke seemed a long way from the real thing. And really tough when it pelted it down!! It was only being part of the BTA team, all running separately but fundraising together, that kept me putting one foot in front of the other.”

Sponsor ANGELA


“I can honestly say that taking part in The Virtual London Marathon was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but it feels like such an achievement to have completed it! I had the most incredible day, with the best support team ever! Any time I was feeling low or finding things difficult someone would just ‘appear’. From my work colleagues cheering me on, my children supplying me with jelly babies, my friend running on the canal path with me to my husband and sister popping up on their bikes to give me some much needed encouragement. They were fantastic!

I crossed the finish line (my parents were holding the ribbon) with applause and cheers from my supporters who’d gathered in our local park and felt like the world was cheering for me.

It was such a special day, one I won’t forget for a long time and to be running and raising awareness and funds for an incredible charity made it all worthwhile.”

Sponsor HElen


“Sunday 3 October 2021 is a date I’ll never forget. I still can’t quite process how the hell I did it but I did. Big thanks to my bestie who was by my side in her car checking in on me. Thank you to everyone that came out and joined me during my final 5 miles – they were testing and painful.  I did the run for British Tinnitus Association but also for myself, my hard work and determination have paid off.

Never in my life did I ever think I’d get a medal for completing a marathon, I feel a bit choked. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve met some amazing people along the way with some amazing stories. This is just the start of something new.

Challenge yourself – it’s the best feeling ever”



“What a day!! I’m still on a post-marathon high after completing the marathon and feel very proud to have been part of the BTA team this year. Our fundraisers have put so much into this challenge and we’ve all bonded throughout training, despite them not meeting in-person.

The 26.2 miles were tough, especially after being ill just 4 days before the event, but knowing we were supporting the tinnitus community kept me going! After completing 23 miles along a lovely canal route, my knees and feet were at breaking point for the final miles around Hanley park, so I really appreciated the support from my cheer team to get me over the finish line. I definitely couldn’t have done it without their support and my running buddy Angela.

Thank you SO much to everyone who cheered us on, followed our progress on the day through the marathon app, shared our pages and donated to help us raise money for the amazing work the BTA do.


Stephan and Chloe

“We had a great time doing the marathon; had great weather to start with and managed our first half in 1h 53m, then the weather broke torrential down pours so we ended up doing two loops (1h 2m and 1h 8m) when the weather held, mad rush to get back home before it down poured again. We managed to do our charity top swops and juggle everything else, had an awesome time Chloe was full of life and didn’t mind all the changes and disruption caused with the weather. We finally finished at 18.50pm with our “We Run Together” banner. What a day, so glad we did what we did, another fantastic journey for us all, looking forward to the next one!”



“Congratulations everyone! This has been an amazing journey. A year ago I was struggling to cope with my T and couldn’t see a way forward and now I’ve completed a marathon. Massive thanks to all of you for putting this together. Bring on next year!”


Ready to take on your own marathon? 

If you’re looking for an event, or already have a place in an event, and would like to fundraise for the BTA from your challenge we’d love to have you join our team. We’ll support you with your fundraising to make it as easy and fun as possible, just get in touch with our team on 0114 250 9933 or email [email protected]

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