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About the group

The group will hold the meetings in Earby. Earby is on the A56 at the county boundary between Yorkshire and Lancashire. The group will be looking to support people from both Craven District and Pendle Borough, everyone who is willing to travel to the meetings will be welcome. The group also recognises that living with tinnitus can be an impact on partners and loved ones, we will welcome all people affected by tinnitus. As most people with tinnitus do their very best to lead a normal life including working for a living meetings will be held in the evenings.

The group will be a “Peer Support Group” where we will be able to discuss living with Tinnitus. Looking at what we can do to alleviate the noise and pain of the condition. We will look in a non-commercial manner equipment that is available discussing the benefits and pitfalls of such. We will look at measures that can be taken to avoid spikes and how to deal with such situations. Most of all we will support each other in dealing with this invisible affliction.

It is also hoped that once the group is established that we will be able to invite guest speakers to talk on relevant subjects, even if the speakers are via Teams or Skype.

We will not give medical advice at the meetings other than encouraging members to get what help is available from the NHS and other accredited bodies including the BTA.

Where the group meets

The group will be meeting at the Offices of ‘Earby Town Council’, this is the reason that the group is called ‘Earby Tinnitus Support Group’. Rather than trying to select a name to represent the area that it serves.

The Parish Rooms
8 Victoria Road
BB18 6US

Behind the former Fire Station

When the group meets

The first meeting will be Tuesday 4th October at 7:15pm.

How to find out more

Contact Chris Nolan via [email protected] or the Facebook group Earby Tinnitus Support Group.

Additional details

There will be no charge for the meetings as the rooms are graciously rent free from Earby Town Council but a small contribution for refreshments would be appreciated.

If you would like to attend please email in advance or become a member of the Facebook Group.

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