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Our work is paid for by the generosity of members and supporters like you 

We wanted to say a big thank you to all our supporters – so we made a little video. Together we can silence tinnitus.

We receive no money directly from the government, so we are reliant on the generosity and support of members of the public and grant-making organisations to be able to support people with tinnitus across the UK.

2021 Highlights

In 2020/21, your donations enabled us to:OurImpact 2020-21

  • Invest £280,000 in tinnitus research
    – the highest amount we have ever given, making us one of the largest tinnitus research funders worldwide.
  • Achieve 238,800 views of our videos on YouTube during the year.
  • Create £13.71 in social value for every £1 we spend.
  • Answer 14,343 calls, web chats, emails, and texts from members of the public needing support with their tinnitus or wanting to help a friend or relative.
  • Reach 1.4 million people, who saw our Tinnitus Week #ThisIsMySilence campaign, raising essential awareness.

Download Our Impact to read more: Our Impact 2020/21

Find out more about our current research and progress

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