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spot came very fast, maybe within a month? My hair is still thick and i have full hair everywhere around my hair including temples. I also added one picture without hair pulled back so you can see that its only noticeable when i pull my hair. I take daily all vitamins which are important for hair health so it cant be vitamin defiency. Also, i can see some very little regrowth (but only like small amount of what it used to be, maybe like 20 hair which are 1mm long and looks very thin) there which isnt probably visible in picture. The last picture (where i am wearing black shirt) is taken 2-3 months ago when it wasnt there. Any help is very very appreciated. I hope i wrote everything important, if not, then tell me and I will add more information.

An experienced doctor needs to look at the bald spot as it could be one of many things including early genetic balding, atypical alopecia areata, etc… See a dermatologist

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