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Plug’em is our tinnitus prevention campaign, aimed at people going to clubs, gigs and festivals, the campaign raises awareness of the need to protect hearing by using earplugs. 

Our website www.plugem.co.uk is full of useful information, along with messages from our Plug’em Ambassadors which include producer Mark Ronson and DJ Anne Savage. You can also follow the campaign and help raise awareness on social media via @Plug_em.

We want to get the prevention message out to as many people at music events as possible. We work with a number of dance clubs, festivals and gig venues…but we want to reach more.

Plug’em @ Tramlines Festival 2019

In the Summer of 2019 we were invited by Tramlines Festival in Sheffield to create a little ‘Hearing Haven’ among the festival vibes to raise awareness of hearing protection and it’s importance. Over 35,000 people attended this year’s Tramlines Festival and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to get ‘out there’ again with Plug’em and promote the work we do, raising awareness of the need for hearing protection and increasing our visibility as a charity. 

Web: https://tramlines.org.uk/

Plug’em @ TWSTD Festival 2018

Plug’em partnered up with TWSTD festival in November 2018 to get the hearing protection message out to music lovers. We attended the festival in Skegness with 9 volunteers who promoted hearing protection and gave away filtered earplugs. We spoke to hundreds of people about safe listening and were supported by the DJ’s playing over the weekend. 

Web: www.twstdfestival.com


Plug’em @ Shiiine On Festival 2017

Plug’em partnered up with Shiiine On festival in November 2017 to get the hearing protection message out to music lovers. We attended the festival and gave away filtered earplugs. The weekend was a great success – we helped support loads of people who needed hearing protection at the event and it was great to get our message out there that you can hear perfectly, whilst using earplugs.

Web: www.shiiineon.com


If you don’t go to clubs, gigs or festivals Plug’em is still relevant if you want to find out more about protecting your hearing or your family or friends and learn about safe sound levels and the types of earplugs which are available. 

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