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Hey Dr. Rassman, so was just wondering on some advice , i’m considering getting a transplant as i’ve thinned fairly in the back and towards the front how ever have somewhat density there so i’m considering getting a transplant to give back some thickened and a hairline ! However like most people i’m worried about the sides of Fin , I have never taken fin before so don’t know i’m prone to side affect and don’t want to spend 1000s on a HT to find out i can’t take the fin to maintain is there a way to find out if i’d be prone to sides or should i just take sone before i got the th transplant and if so how long should i take it for to be sure ?

If you are in your 20s, it is likely that a hair transplant performed on you, might accelerate your hair loss. It almost always kicks out miniaturized hair and many of those hair may not look miniaturized but may be extensive where you think that you are thinning in the back and towards the front. Be careful at jumping the gun on hair transplant. Finasteride is a good way to stabilize the hair loss. Get a good doctor who will work with you.

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