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We’re keen to get tinnitus in the press as frequently as possible. As a condition which effects over 6 million people in the UK, most audiences will either have experienced the condition or know someone who has.

For us, getting tinnitus in the media, and letting people know that the BTA is here to help, is incredibly important and we’re happy to help with any media enquiries you may have, big or small.

Case studies

We’re lucky enough to have a varied selection of case studies, of different ages and from different geographical areas across the UK. Most of our case studies are happy to work with all forms of media.

Tinnitus experts and interviews

In addition, we have BTA team members and key medical experts who are available for interview. All with an extensive knowledge of tinnitus. So if you are looking for someone to interview, please do get in touch.

Reviewing articles

Also if you’re writing a feature or article about tinnitus, we’d be more than happy to arrange for it to be reviewed to ensure that content is medically correct and reliable for your readers.

For all requests, please contact:

Nic Wray, Communications Manager
[email protected]
0114 250 9933, option 5

Lucy Straker, Head of Communications
[email protected] 
0114 250 9933, option 6

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