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Tinnitus Week 2022

For our Tinnitus Week 2022 podcast, we discussed the potential of a Tinnitus Biobank for tinnitus research.

Nic Wray, Communications Manager at the British Tinnitus Association, was joined by David Stockdale, Chief Executive of the British Tinnitus Association, and Will Sedley, who is the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow and Consultant Neurologist at Newcastle University. 

Download the podcast transcript [PDF]

Tinnitus Biobank | Find out more

Tinnitus Week 2021

During Tinnitus Week 2021, we co-hosted an event with Tinnitus Hub highlighting tinnitus research. We were lucky enough to get panelists from the American Tinnitus Association, RNID, Tinnitus Hub and our own Chief Executive, David Stockdale to share their thoughts.

The event “The Evolution of Tinnitus Research: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” is now available for you to listen to as as part of our ‘That Tinnitus Podcast’ series.

You can also watch the video recording of this panel discussion here. Please do listen in and share widely. 

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