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I had a bad hairline big forehead as a kid but when I finally came to high school my hairline became better and moved down a bit and the forehead didn’t look as big and i gained confidence until a barber messed me up horribly to the point my hairline wasn’t straight and looked it was receding and was the week before school started so i was obviously anxious and quickly wanted it to go back to normal so when my hair finally grew a lil bit i started combing it excessively to cover the areas which were pushed back by the barber which caused friction alopecia at that time i didn’t know i was making the situation worse for at least a year cause i chose grow out my hair which caused more combing to make sure my hairline wasnt showing due to the fact i have 4a hair and my hair usually stood up. I am now 19 i cut my hair short for 3 months to see if i was actually balding but there was no sign of balding and to my conclusion i lost my hairline to pulling the hair at the front a lot (like 5 times a day sometimes aggressively to make sure it stayed in place mainly to cover the balding edges).

I have been wondering to start using minoxidil or other treatments but i am unsure as it was my fault(friction alopecia) and wasn’t down to genetics and may make my hair worse also ive seen reports that I have to constantly use minoxidil or my hairline will be worse then when i started.

You need to see a good doctor in this field. Did you pull out enough hair that produced the hair loss. This is a condition called Trichotellomania. A proper diagnosis and treatment will follow and you need this!

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