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Most of the topical finasteride sold today can get through the skin and its not the Liposomal preparation.  if the drug gets through the skin into the body and you are known to get side effects with the pill, you will get it with the normal topical finasteride. With the Liposomal preparation; however, the measured maximal absorption for topical liposomal finasteride was reported to be rarely in excess of 18% of the total dose. I hope that language better explains what I know. But I would be happy to review articles you might have as I always keep an open mind. Last week I had a patient with the ethanol/ PG base solution and he had bad sexual side effects and that is why he came to me to get the Liposomal preparation.

A Liposomal preparation of a drug puts the active drug inside very tiny, fat-like particles. This allows more localization of the drug.  Men who have measured their DHT levels found that with the topical liposomal finasteride preparations, their DHT levels did not change. 

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