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In the UK a staggering half a million NHS patients choose to volunteer for about 3,000 clinical trials and studies each year. If you are under the care of a health professional then you can ask them to consider any trials that you may be eligible for.

Under their Constitution, NHS health practitioners have a duty to inform you of research that may be of interest to you.

Clinical trial information

Sign up to support a Tinnitus Biobank

A Tinnitus Biobank could allow us to understand the condition much better and answer many questions that, thanks to chronic underinvestment, so far remain unanswered. Plans for a Tinnitus Biobank are at the early stages. Signing up to offer your support does not commit you to participating in the future.

Be Part of Research

A clinical trials registry that allows you to search for trials that are on-going in the UK and worldwide.


Another registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world. It can be easily searched and will include contact details for open trials if you would like to volunteer. 

International Clinical Trials Registry Portal

This is another clinical trials database which can be found at the World Health Organisation.

Auditory Cognition Group at Newcastle University

The university has a website which includes details of current work and how to volunteer.

National Institute for Health Research Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Centre

(NIHR Nottingham BRC) conducts research that benefits people with hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus.

There are different ways in which you can get involved:

  • Taking part in studies. The type of research undertaken is very varied. A number of studies involve an initial assessment of your hearing, followed by further visits, possibly even with some activities for you to do at home.
  • Developing new research. Nottingham Hearing BRU actively encourages patient and public involvement in the development of research ideas so that the work they do best addresses the issues that are most important to you. 

If you would like to get involved, please visit the website or call Sandra Smith on 0115 823 2600.

Updated 6 February 2020

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