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Some folks don’t respond to 5AR inhibitors and find no other option but to quit and embrace baldness instead of consider the immunologic possibility of their hairloss. Could Lichen Planus and related illnesses be, in combination or by themselves, be accountable for hairloss on a relevant scale? Why aren’t we discussing this topic more?

This diagnosis of lichen planopilaris is a cause of alopecia. The diagnosis can be made using a trichoscope by seeing perifollicular erythema, milky-red areas, classic white and blue-grey dots. This is an autoimmune disease that kills off the hair. It is more common in women than men, although the diagnosis is being picked up more so in some men lately. If a surgeon doesn’t make the diagnosis and does a hair transplant, the transplant will fail. A costly mistake. A biopsy usually is the final authority for the diagnosis.

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