Brain imaging study in London – volunteers required

A research group led by Dr Will Sedley is running experiments aimed at better understanding the brain mechanisms that lead to tinnitus.
Dr. Maryam Aghamolaei, a research associate in the group is looking for volunteers with tinnitus to take part in a brain imaging study.
What is the aim of study?
This study is aiming to help us better understand the mechanisms in the brain that cause tinnitus, which are presently not fully understood.
What will I do?
You will be sent a quick online questionnaire to ensure eligibility. Then, you will visit the lab, which should last around 2.5 hours.
During the visit, there will be a hearing test. Then, there will be a quick auditory computer task which involves adjusting the volume of different frequencies. The task will be followed by an MEG brain scan.
MEG measures magnetic fields produced outside your head naturally as neurons fire. It is silent, painless, and safe.
Because the device measures small magnetic fields you will be asked not to w…

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