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One in eight adults in the UK has tinnitus. For those most affected, tinnitus can be overwhelming and leave them struggling with day-to-day life. The British Tinnitus Association helpline supports people with tinnitus to manage and live well with their condition. Our Tinnitus Support Team received 12,755 calls, web chats, emails, and texts in 2021/22. In a survey completed by staff following these interactions, they reported that they helped 98% of these and that 83% were satisfied with the help they received.

In the most recent survey one in three respondents said they think about their condition every hour, which causes them anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety caused by not knowing how to manage Tinnitus can make someone’s tinnitus even worse. That’s why the helpline is a lifeline to those suffering with their tinnitus.

We know that our support is valued and helpful, but we also know that we are not reaching everyone who needs us. Everyone touched by tinnitus needs to know that we are here for them.

To everyone living with tinnitus, our message is clear: your struggle is our cause.   

Our helpline services include our telephone helpline, web chat, email, and text service. Our helpline is solely dedicated to supporting people with tinnitus when they need that support most. Our real lives section on our website showcases just much of a difference our helpline services make to people living with tinnitus. 

Please donate today to support people struggling to cope with tinnitus. 

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