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If you have requested a Tea for Tinnitus fundraising pack, but would like extra copies of some of the items enclosed in the pack, please find them below. Stickers and the donation boxes are only available from the BTA office.

Below you will also find an A4 version of the poster and a new Tea for Tinnitus party invitation. These two items are only available online.

A4 Tea for Tinnitus Poster 

The Tea for Tinnitus poster is A4 and single sided. The A4 poster is only available on the website. We have an A3 version available in the office, if you would like extra copies, please get in touch.

Tea Party Invitation

The Tea for Tinnitus invitation, is A5 and double sided. If you would like to download it, click either image. These are only available on the website.

Tea for Tinnitus bunting

Please click the image to download a sheet of bunting.

Top tips for fundraising and top tinnitus talking points

Click either image below to download our A5 top tinnitus talking points and top fundraising tips. This is a double sided document with the fundraising tips on one side and the talking points on the other. Click either image to download this resource.

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