Tinnitus and Lenire


Name of treatment


Type of treatment

Bimodal stimulation – sound therapy with electrical stimulation.

Claims for treatment

“Works to retrain neurons in the brain to reduce its attention and sensitivity to the tinnitus sound.”[1]

How treatment is delivered

“Lenire® delivers mild electrical pulses to the tongue combined with sound played through headphones”.[2]

The device is used for 60 minutes daily for 12 weeks.

Potential negative consequences

About one third of people reported exacerbation of tinnitus but for most this seemed to resolve by the end of the study[3] [4];

Cost – this can be around £3,000.[5]

Evidence offered:

Papers available


Conclusions drawn

After 12 weeks, 95% of treatment-compliant participants had a reduction in Tinnitus Handicap (THI) scores and 84% had a reduction in Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) scores. [4]

Quality of evidence[6]


Does the BTA recommend this treatment?

Further independent clinical trials, with a waiting list control group or similar will be required before bimodal neuromodulation could be established as a clinically recommended treatment for tinnitus.

BTA opinion on this treatment:

These initial studies are promising, but further research is needed.

Would the BTA support further studies into this treatment?

Yes, provided study is of high quality.

Verdict: Safety – is this treatment harmful?

   Limited potential for harm

Verdict: Efficacy – does this treatment work?

   Some evidence that it is effective.


Neuromod Devices Limited are Corporate Members of the British Tinnitus Association, and are sponsors of our Annual Conference.

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Author: Nic Wray

Version 2.0

Updated: 5 August 2022

To be reviewed: August 2025

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