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About the group

The group meets on the dates below for a couple of hours. We have a group check-in at the beginning, followed by mindfulness meditation with a chance to speak after each meditation to say how you found it. At the end of the session, we have a 30 minute check-out for any questions or challenges people may be experiencing from their tinnitus. I am happy to offer one to one support via email, telephone on in person. We also have a WhatsApp group that people can join, all the meditations are added to this group so that members can use them between sessions.

Where the group meets

Community House
South Street

When the group meets

2022 Meetings

General Agenda for Meetings: 

  • 30 minute check in
  • Mindfulness/meditation exercise, varying in length, followed by discussion
  • 30 minute check out

How to find out more

Booking is optional: Email Dawn at [email protected] 

Additional information

The group is free to attend. When face to face, we supply refreshments.

Last updated: 18/3/2022

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