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I just  wanted to update you.  We spoke on the phone in July about HCG.  I really appreciate you taking  the time

I had reached out to you about whether or not HCG was bad for hair after seeing your comments on a message board.  Even though I only took it for 10 days and stopped on your advice  – As you predicted it was very very bad for hair. It was Very damaging to my hairline after having been stable on finasteride and topical minoxidil for 12 years. This confirms what you had seen in practice so hopefully if others ask the same question you have more evidence to have them run from it. I Just added oral minoxidil 2.5 30 days ago from my dermatologist after seeing your posts on balding blog which give me hope it will return my hair to my pre HCG state.

Shedding has been pretty bad all over my scalp this past week.  Noticeable hair fall and thinning.  Have you had patients experience the same and end Up ahead?

I am sorry that you experienced the hair loss.  Hopefully the oral minoxidil will help get your hair back

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