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As hair specialists, it’s useful to remember these tips.

Telogen effluvium (hair shedding) is one particularly good test of patience for the hair specialist.

Sometimes in hair shedding disorders, the hair specialist needs to intervene. The specialist needs to address all the issues that contributed to the abnormal hair shedding in order to recommend treatments that encourage the hairs to regrow. TE from low iron, medications or thyroid disorders are examples. Affected patients generally require treatment.

There are many other times, however, when the wisest plan for the hair specialist is to remain on the sidelines and not intervene and simply allow the intrinsic resilience of the patient’s own hair follicles to work things out. TE from acute stress, an acute infection, post partum shedding or short term dieting are examples. Affected patients may not require treatment

There are many cases of telogen effluvium whereby the best plan is not to intervene.

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