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Seasonal Hair Shedding: Mid August Marks the Start of a Few Months of Shedding

If you live north of the equator, you are probably enjoying the middle of summer. For some inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, the current transition from mid August to late August marks the very beginning of a frustrating period: the very start of the annual seasonal hair shed.

Seasonal shedding in humans living in the northern hemisphere occurs at two main times of the year: a main shedding period in August/September and another less common shedding period sometime in April. Not everyone gets a shed.

The exact reason that seasonal shedding occurs is not clear although discussion points related to vitamin D, melatonin, and prolactin get frequently tossed around. The reality is we don’t fully understand all the reasons for why hair shedding affects some people and not others. Furthermore, we don’t really understand how best to treat it.

Seasonal shedding stops after a few months and hair grows back and hair density slowly improves. The best hair density for humans is probably sometime in the month of February (August in the southern hemisphere).

For those in the southern hemisphere, the months are flipped but the concepts are identical. The best hair density for humans is probably sometime in the month of August in the southern hemisphere. Seasonal shedding peaks around February/March for our southern neighbours.

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