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I’m 45 yo and frontal loss has me kinda upset. I know I’m lucky I’ve had plenty of hair up to this point and am wondering if I’m just being vain trying to improve my hairline at this age? For some reason, I can’t deal with the idea of going bald and looking older. I am planning on starting Fin every other day and see what happens. But I wonder if I’m just being dumb about this. I want decent hair for the rest of my life tho. I’d even consider a HT someday while staying on the eod Fin. I want to be one of those good looking older men who can still get chicks if desired. Stupid and vain right ?

If you are not satisfied with your hairline, then consider a hair transplant as it would be unlikely that finasteride will reverse it; however, if you are losing hair than finasteride is a good drug to address that even at your age.

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